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Kid & Adult Styles

Find the best push, electric, gas motored and battery powered scooters for kids and adults. Scooters designed for ages 2˝ - 5 years and up. BladeZ, Italian, Spartan, Razor, ProForm brands, electric, push, folding kick, battery and gas powered styles and many more.

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Champion Sports 12 Inch Plastic Scooter - Set of 6Champion Sports 12 Inch Plastic Scooter - Set of 6 These 12-in x 12-in Champion Sports scooters come in a pack of 6. The versatile design is constructed from heavy-duty plastic and includes handles and non-marring rubber swivel casters.

Vapor BMX Style Replacement Handles (set)
Vapor BMX Style Replacement Handles (set)

Vapor's BMX style replacement handle bars for scooters are designed to give you more leverage for trick riding.

Trikke 8 3 Wheel Scooter Adult
Trikke 8 3 Wheel Scooter Adult

The Trikke® 8 three-wheel scooter for adults and kids offers a unique design that utilizes a high-performance cambering system to allow you to lean into turns and combine slalom-style S-turns for fast fun and fitness uphill or down. The aluminum construction has 8-in wheels for high-speed carving and distance riding, plus it's equipped with quick-release handlebar adjustment and dual-independent rear brakes.

Vector Freestyle Folding Kick Scooter with Suspension and Wheelie Bar
Vector Freestyle Folding Kick Scooter with Suspension and Wheelie Bar

Glide from point A to point B on Vector's Freestyle folding kick scooter. The lightweight design folds up effortlessly, is easily transported, and the shock absorption system provides a smooth ride.

Go Motorboard Electric Scooter
Go Motorboard Electric Scooter

The Go Motorboard electric scooter boasts an innovative design that provides you with fast, safe, and reliable, personal motorized transportation. It's powered by 2 lightweight, 750-watt motors that produce 1 horsepower each and propel it at speeds up to 16 mph. The gearless drive system is highly efficient and vibration-free and the lightweight, folding aluminum construction has a low-profile deck that's easy to ride.

Spartan Sports Electric Scooter
Spartan Sports Electric Scooter

Free shipping for a limited time. The Spartan Sports electric scooter provides fun and convenient transportation with a folding design and a 3000 RPM motor that powers at speeds up to 15 mph. It features a durable steel body with anti-slip grip tape for traction and a rear brake for easy stopping. A battery and a charger are included.

Razor XLR8R Electric Scooter Red
Razor XLR8R Electric Scooter Red"

The Razor XLR8R electric scooter is equipped with a removable electric motor and rechargeable battery that powers you along at speeds up to 10 mph. It is encased in a protective cover and has a quick-release lever for easy on and off. The scooter features a lightweight and durable aluminum construction with adjustable handlebars.

InGEAR Nylon Scooter Bag
Vapor Scooter Kick Pads


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